The free standing heavy bag has become increasingly common as mixed martial arts have become popular. These bags offer a number of benefits over a hanging heavy bag. Even boxing studios have discovered these benefits and only the boxing purists scoff when they see this type of boxing bag at a boxing school.

As previously stated, a freestanding bag has many more benefits than a hanging bag; one of those benefits is a larger striking surface. This is vital to those practicing mixed martial arts because punches are used along with knee strikes and kicks. A free standing bag not only accommodates to but withstands those varying attacks better than most hanging bags do.

Even a double mounted hanging bag will sway quite a bit if kicked, which is the second advantage of the standing bag. A free standing heavy bag weighs quite a bit more than even the heaviest hanging bag. A water filled standing bag weighs around two hundred and seventy pounds and can easily weight more if filled with sand, as many are. This gives a much more stable bag to punch and kick.

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