Here, you’ll be able to select what to import and what to adjust according to Bing Ads settings; which includes budgets, keywords and ad extensions. You can also tick the “clean up” check box to delete items and settings that you no longer have in your AdWords account. Checking this option is useful for when you schedule imports, which you’ll learn to do next after you click on “continue”.

In “schedule imports,” you’ll be able to automate imports if you want. You can choose to import “now” from the “when” menu if you prefer to do your imports manually, but you can easily schedule imports if you want to automate Bing Ads to process ad campaigns created on AdWords.

This means that you can create your ad campaigns on AdWords and automate Bing Ads to import them, leaving you only to adjust them according to your Bing Ads audience and budget. In the “when” menu, you’ll be presented with various schedules. Selecting “once” will allow you to set a unique date and time for importing campaigns once. Selecting Daily will allow you to set a time in the day to import campaigns.

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