Campaign URL options

These settings will allow you to set up tracking and redirect information back to your ads, which is mighty useful for tracking campaign performance, as well as to better target your audience.

Tracking template: This option will allow you to enter a tracking URL to get information about the people that click on your ads. Your tracking URL is your Destination URL plus a parameter attached to the end. A parameter is a code that gives Bing Ads information when your ads are clicked. Parameters are used between curly brackets. Here is our example of a tracking URL.

You can see a complete list of parameters by using the “help” feature. Simply enter “parameters” in the search bar, click enter and access the “what tracking or URL parameters can I use” resource.

Custom parameters: you can add up to three custom parameters by simply giving them a name of your choice on the “name” field and entering a parameter in the “value” field. This will allow you to use additional parameters on your tracking URL.

Once you are finished optimizing these settings, simply click on “save”. Now, you have learned the basics of mastering advanced campaign settings to make the most out of your ads!

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