It is undeniable that the Bing Ads platform is an overlooked one, judging from the number of AdWords adopters out there. It just so happens that Bing Ads offers a number of advantages that are not apparent until you strip down its features to a purely technical level.

Let’s explore such features in an easy to understand way, so you can introduce them into your next Bing Ads advertising campaign!

1. Bing Ads has lower competition and lower Cost-Per-Click

This advantage is of special interest for small and medium sized business, because they would benefit the most from lowering their advertising costs. Right now, one of the advantages of advertising in the Bing network is the low amount of competition present in the platform.

That not only means that your ads will compete for placements with fewer advertisers than on the Google network, but it also means that your Bids will cost you a lot less! In fact, costs per click are 33% lower on the Bing ad network, and ads get better positions!

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