As a company, Dreamstime touts a great reputation and shares a considerable amount of commissions with their photographers. A stock photographer selling on has the potential to make anywhere between fifty to eighty percent (with royalties) commission from the sale of his or her photos. With some stock photos grabbing the attention of thousands and grabbing thousands of downloads, some talented photographers are bagging quite a large paycheck for their quality work.

With photographers turning to the internet to market their quality photography, there is not many companies that offer you a one million user database of potential buyers of your unique photography. For any serious photographer, makes an excellent home to marketing professional microstock photography. With no cost to join and an incredible opportunity to represent your stock photography to over one million people worldwide, check out DreamsTime today. As a leader in their industry, they continue to set the standard for many designers and photographers alike and their impact on the industry continues to exponentially grow with time.

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