Whether youandrsquo;re stark raving mad, want to wallow in it with a side of fries or talk dirty about your exandrsquo;s size, these songs will do the trick. So, hit the download sites, strap on your I-Pod and let the healing begin.

1. Fallin by Alicia Keys

This song is relate-able to nearly anyoneandmdash;even if you arenandrsquo;t sporting braids and beads while belting it out at the piano in the middle of the street like Miss Keys did in the music video. As she explains in the song, itandrsquo;s about falling in and out of love with someone, andldquo;How do you give me so much pleasure and cause me so much pain?andrdquo; Whether youandrsquo;ve gotten in a small argument with your lover or youandrsquo;re getting over a breakup, this ballad is a great song to sing in the car.

2. The Sign by Ace of Base

No, sheandrsquo;s not singing about a street sign. This is a song for the one who left the relationship and isnandrsquo;t turning back. andldquo;I am happy now living without you, I left you.andrdquo; Unlike most breakup songs, this tune is upbeat and happy and will surely get stuck in your head.

3. Piece of my Heart by Janis Joplin

Now hereandrsquo;s a woman who knows her worth! Joplin belts out the words like a woman whoandrsquo;s on her way out the door. andldquo;Well I think Iandrsquo;ve had enough, but Iandrsquo;m gonna show you baby, that a woman can be tough.andrdquo; Pre-Spice Girls, Pre-Britney, this songandrsquo;s a classic girl power must have.

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