4. Cry me a River by Justin Timberlake

Although Justin swears he didnandrsquo;t write this song about Miss Britney, it sure seems like it! Either way, men and women alike can relate to this song. If youandrsquo;ve been cheated or mistreated, this is the jam for you. andldquo;Your bridges were burned and now itandrsquo;s your turn, to cry.andrdquo;

5. Irreplaceable by Beyonce

How can anyone forget the intro to this song, andldquo;To the left, to the leftandrdquo;? While Beyonce is happily married, she somehow sings like a woman whoandrsquo;s been wronged and she wonandrsquo;t have anymore! Men and women alike can sing along to this R andamp; B song just in time to kick out their mate.

6. There you go by Pink

This song surely isnandrsquo;t for the romantics. Pink belts it out and leaves nothing unsaid. This punk-rock jam is for those whoandrsquo;ve had enough in their relationship and are already starting to move on. andldquo;I gotta new man, heandrsquo;s waitin out back, now what, what you think about that? Cause when I say Iandrsquo;m through, Iandrsquo;m through.andrdquo; Sing along to this and youandrsquo;ll be ready to walk out the door.

7. Where have all the Cowboys Gone by Paula Cole

Paula hits some high notes in this unique ballad. This song paints a beautiful picture, but is a little sad, while it seems to be about a relationship over the course of a lifetime. One person in the relationship is struggling the entire time, so this is a song for those who can listen to something really heartfelt.

8. Not Big by Lily Allen

While this song has a pop-feel, the lyrics are quite serious. andldquo;I never wanted it to end up this way. Youandrsquo;ve only got yourself to blame.andrdquo; While the song is sung by the younger generation, it can be enjoyed by all ages when you need to recharge after a breakup.

9. I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

This song is, without a doubt, a classic womenandrsquo;s empowerment anthem. Of course, Iandrsquo;m sure some men can relate to it as well. This is a great song for anyone going through nearly any type of trouble in a relationship. Gaynor sums it up when she sings, andldquo;I know Iandrsquo;m still alive, I got all my life to live, and I got all my love to give!andrdquo;

10. I Will Remember you by Sarah Mclaughlin

This ballad is definitely for the strong ones. Sarah sings this song from the point of view long after a relationship is over. It seems as if sheandrsquo;s looking back on the decent times and has come to terms with the way things are. A great song, but I wouldnandrsquo;t recommend it for those fresh out of the relationship.

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